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6 easy Strategies To Improve sales in Your eCommerce Business.

6 easy Strategies To Improve sales in Your eCommerce Business.

Here are six best practices that address eCommerce’s unique challenges and  help businesses improve their conversion rates and customer trust:


Have you bought something online and then found an email or sms for a 10 percent discount on your next purchase? Psychologically speaking, rewards  systems  are a great way to encourage repeat purchases and  brand loyalty. This can help your business increase conversion rate at an alarming rate. They work especially well with small repeat purchases.

There are plenty of ways to go about it too. Some brands offer free products with repeat business. Others enroll customers in a points program --the more they buy, the larger their discount becomes over time. And don’t forget the always-popular  punch card strategy --make three purchases and get your fourth one free!

Partner Programs

 With the partner  program, a purchase on one site is good for a discount on another. This is great for companies with complementary products. Once someone buys from  you,  inform them that you’re also associated with companies A, B, and C. Then offer a discount code valid at any of these partner sites.

Finally, there’s the long-term subscription discount. If you offer a service for fifteen dollars a month, be sure that you also offer a twelve-month subscription option at a significantly reduced  rate.


e-Commerce stores especially have a lot to gain from retargeting. The average number of  touch points before a purchase is between five and eight. Retargeting is a great way to stay top of mind, especially when a visitor has come close to making a purchase but had a last-minute change of  heart.

Reducing Abandoned Carts

There are other ways to reduce abandoned carts besides retargeting. Whatever path you  take,  your first goal is to understand why visitors are abandoning carts in the first place. Maybe the price was overwhelming. Maybe they were just browsing. Maybe they were just looking for good products so they could go find a discount code for the same thing somewhere else. Maybe your checkout system looked dodgy, and they didn’t trust you with their credit card information.

Once you have your answer, your goal  is to counteract that objection -- ideally before it happens-- so you can meet the problem head-on  and  increase the likelihood of a sale.

Some options we’ve seen include:

·         Real-time chat features. If someone has a question, they can ask a living, breathing  human  being right there in the moment. Contact us to GET A CHATBOT, We’ll provide a live demo before you purchase.

·         Credibility indicators. People need to feel secure giving out protected information. Whatever processing and security services you use for your transactions, feature their logos prominently, especially on the purchase page.

·         Include high-quality images. Bad photos of your inventory don’t make you  look professional at all, a good image increases sales more than 1000 words.

·         Reconnect with email. Tools like Infusionsoft help you reach out to prospects to entice visitors back. Depending on where they are in the funnel, or what their last action was, you can customize your message to meet them where they are.

·         Retargeting. Facebook ads and Google ads are highly effective in making sure you’re putting the right offers in front of your visitors at the right time.

·         Delivery discounts. Sometimes the cost to ship something can equal the cost of  the product itself. Other times a product will take too long to ship. Wherever  you can offer discounted, free, or expedited delivery options.

·         Create a safety net for returns. Customers want to feel protected with their purchases. Add value by guaranteeing 100 percent satisfaction or their money back within thirty days. If you truly stand by your product and  brand, this is a no-brainer.

With all of these strategies, it’s important to put yourself  in the buyer.s shoes. Follow up with a few attempts, and  then leave it there if they’re not responding. If they’re still showing interest -- for instance, perhaps they abandoned a cart, clicked on an ad later, but then still didn’t purchase --  you can go ahead and make one more offer.

If you follow the tips listed above,  keep your  focus on providing value, and  avoid being manipulative, you should see a significant increase in your conversion  rates. Regards


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